30. heinäkuuta 2019

Excel training in English - Excel Functions and Pivot course on 14 August

At Tieturi, our Excel courses are an all-time favourite for our customers. Most of our courses are run in Finnish so we are very happy to be able to announce that on 14 August - in two weeks - will be available in English. So if you prefer to have training in English, now is a perfect time to start the autumn with our advanced one day Excel Functions and Pivot course.

We have planned this advanced training for those who make Pivot-reports from imported data in Excel.

After the Excel Functions and Pivot training you will know how to import text data to Excel from different sources and how to format the data to a form that can be easily used for Pivot-tables. You will also learn the functions that are central for Pivot-tables, for example, creating tables, different formats of data, calculating in the tables and filtering data.

Please find below the more detailed content for the course.

Course length 1 day and price 850 eur + vat or 1 day in Training card.
You can sign in by sending an e-mail to info@tieturi.fi.


Basic skills in working with Microsoft Excel.

Course content

Importing data into Excel
  • text files
  • dividing data into into columns 
  • different data types
Excel formulas
  • using functions in formulas 
  • cell references
  • functions for combining data, for example VLOOKUP
  • splitting and combining data with functions, for example, MID, CONCANATE, LEFT, RIGHT, TRIM
  • logical functions IF; OR, IFERROR
Excel lists and tables
  • converting a list to a table
  • table feature
  • subtotals
  • filtering
  • creating a Pivot-table 
  • formatting 
  • grouping data
  • calculations in a Pivot-table
  • creating a Pivot from several tables
  • slicers and timelines
  • settings for slicers

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