24. huhtikuuta 2017

ITIL Optimized - Education in the right format!

In 2009, I conducted the ITIL Foundation course and I remember three extremely long days in a classroom (including long evenings during the same period of preparation and self-study) plus a rather stressed test last day. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the original course and we have for several years helped hundreds of IT employees who needed to take the ITIL training and carry out the basic certification, but with the knowledge and reality we now have, it's time to take next step!

With the shortage of working life currently available, we want to support you as for various reasons, unable to be away three days away from work as well as you who really want to learn the ITIL concept and not just become a wandering acronym lexicon (and probably passed the test, but then forgot half of the course content one week later). With the learning transfer experience we have taken over the past years of modern delivery, we have now built a training program where you both can imbibe the content at your own pace, read the different Sub-areas in advance with clear-cut digital course material and match what you've learnt with the help of videos and pre-quizzes, then get an optimal classroom day with the expert to help you fill in the final gaps.

Our program ITIL Foundation Optimized + Certification is delivered over a three-week period where you start with an e-learning overview across the entire ITIL area, drilling deeper in the areas of Service Management, Strategy and Design, ending with a reconciliation quiz before the first classroom day where you, together with the course leader have the opportunity for a deeper understanding and concrete exercises instead of pure theory (which you’ve already done before on your own). The rest of the week focuses on Service Transition, Operation and Continuous Service Improvement before it's time for classroom day 2, which in the same way deepens your knowledge in the remaining fields.

In order to really give you the best preparation for certification, you will have another week to repeat the areas we have reviewed and also conduct a mock exam that is structured in the same way as the sharp certification so you get additional support on the way to actually complete your certification on the first attempt. The work we carried out clearly shows that compared with the fact that approximately 75-80% of the participants on a regular course pass their certificate right now, an average 95% of those who completed our entire optimized program nails the exam on their first attempt!

So far, we have only delivered this concept as a company-based education with great success and now we also open the opportunity for you as an individual participant to take the next step with high impact learning transfer! The course in spring is beginning to fill up even though we barely have marketed it, but there are still places left and you will find more details and the opportunity to book a seat at the course on ITIL® Foundation Optimized + Certification

Tobias Strandh
Nordic Director Learning Solutions
Informator Tieturi Group
www.informator.se | www.tieturi.fi

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